Smart Advice about Moving into an Older Home

There are a lot of pros to moving into an older home. It will be cheaper to purchase. You can renovate it and increase its value (there are even entire TV shows dedicated to flipping old houses). Old homes are usually located closer to the center of town, and can have features like wood craftsmanship from another era. But, for all of these pros, there are a lot of cons to moving into an older home. Make sure you keep this advice in mind when moving so you are prepared for everything that comes with an older home!

Get a Good Inspector and Then Hire Experts
If you are buying an older home, then you really need to find yourself a good home inspector. Have the inspector do a very thorough inspection of the property. Then (if you are still interested in the home), get second opinions from experts about points on the inspection report. Be ready to act so you can have the experts and contractors come over within the inspection period.

That Beautiful Old Tree in the Garden Has Roots
One of the biggest and costliest problems that can occur in an older home is a damaged sewer main. A big culprit is tree roots which get into the sewer main and cause it to clog or break. During the plumbing inspection of the old home, ask the plumber about tree roots. If the tree or shrubbery is located close to the sewer, then you will want to pay to have the sewer main cleaned, and maybe even slip-lined. Better to pay now than have to pay for sewage backup cleanup later!

Repairs and Renovation Will Cost Much More than You Budgeted
Before you buy the home, have a contractor come over and give an estimate on how much it would cost to make the most crucial repairs and upgrades. Then go ahead and add 20% to this estimate. Remember that many old homes are not in compliance with new building codes, and problems can be revealed during the renovation, so you’ll want to be prepared to spend much more money and time than estimated.

Replacing Fixtures and Hardware Can Be a Challenge
Today, most fixtures and hardware like door handles are made to a specific size standard. This wasn’t the case years ago. When you go to find replacement products for your older home, you might have trouble finding ones that are compatible.

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