Sick And Tired Of Doing tucson ac repair The Old Way? Read This

pump do its thing and and I’m gonna go get my freon tanking and my my my field piece wireless scale so let me get that set up and then after the vacuums over we’ll charge her up all right guys vacuums done we’re going to set the charge as you can see right there at that camera focus we’re looking for a factory charge of seven pounds four.

ounces we got a fresh brand spankin new never been used before four hundred dollar jug r plum ass ridiculous I don’t know if I’ve ever showed y’all my scale before guys there it is it’s the field piece Wireless scale there’s the scale and there’s the remote and uh we got pounds full fresh jug and we’re gonna zero her out well first of all we’re gonna bleed our hopes.

There we go now we’ll zero her out and we will let in seven pounds and four ounces there she goes alright pounds ounces later and she’s alive and running these units are very quiet they’re good running units this is when uh when York actually had something here all right I went ahead and whipped out the SRH – even though I’ve got the filled pee I’m sorry the SMAN out it’s just the SRH – is just so easy and convenient and I just went ahead and use that it says when you target.

I had a shoot of Tucson air conditioning wet-bulb I believe because it is kind of cool out here and I want to say a draw bub and where it’s telling me we need . and of course that’s a plus or minus on our so we’re going to add some charge here and hopefully I can get this thing where it needs to be all right we’ve added just a little over a pound of refrigerant and as you can see things are starting to look much better there’s kind of a glare there the the suction pressure is coming up my super heats.

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