Here’s Why You Should Attend Vasectomy Reversal

Not evaluate that fluid quality and just did a simple that may be why it failed as we talked about earlier so I need to determine that before I move on and figure out exactly how to put this man back together so I never quit the surgery I never know exactly.

what I’m doing until I see sperm and when I see that sperm and I know where it is that’s when I can plug that man back in and give him the best chances of a successful surgery so what if vasectomy reversal isn’t the right operation and and why would that be and there are a few reasons we alluded to earlier now we’re going to get into it so a couple of things that I need to clarify is the only.

way for couples to achieve pregnancy after vasectomy is either a successful vasectomy reversal or a sperm extraction for in fertilization and that’s the key a question I get all the time is can’t I just aspirate sperm out and then use that for insemination or intrauterine insemination this it doesn’t work and the reason it doesn’t work is that we need millions of sperm for a successful.

If I’m doing a sperm aspiration I’m happy if I get one million sperm sometimes two sometimes more but the bottom line is the minute I start aspirating sperm I’m creating scar tissue in that man’s epidermis makes it very difficult to go back to that same spot or anywhere else and find sperm if that didn’t work the first time so it’s purely a matter of quantity in order for an to be successful.

we need ejaculated sperm so again has to be done through either a vasectomy reversal or sperm extraction for IVF that’s the only way or in nitro fertilization the only way that we’re gonna be able to establish pregnancy after vasectomy.